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A racetrack, located in Richmond, VA, provides betting slips for Off Track Betting (OTB) locations throughout Virginia. These betting slips are printed daily with specific numbers that can only be provided by the racetrack.

Customer Challenge
The racetrack’s main shipping provider, a very large integrated carrier, could not consistently service their customer located in Vinton, VA. In addition, their large integrated carrier did not offer Sunday delivery, which happened to be the busiest day for the OTB in Vinton.

Our Solution
A counter-to-door GPX Direct service placed automatically through GPX Online.

How It Works
The racetrack drops the printed material off every night at the bus station in Richmond, VA. Greyhound Package Express, utilizing an overnight express schedule to Roanoke, VA, has the shipment available first thing in the morning for courier pick up and delivery by the customers delivery deadline of 11:00 a.m. GPX Online, through its recurring order support and auto-notification, automatically places the order for the customer on a daily basis and systematically sends the racetrack a delivery confirmation email complete with delivery time and consignee details.

By using Greyhound Package Express, the racetrack is able to meet their customers time commitments consistently without having to resort to expensive exclusive use vehicle services.