Food Distribution

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Specialty distributor supplies fresh seafood to various restaurants throughout the southeast from its Birmingham distribution center. The company has a dedicated fleet that serves major centers on a scheduled basis.

Keep transportation costs down to secondary and rural markets in order to compete and obtain national restaurant accounts. In addition, time definite delivery is needed due to the varying operating hours of the restaurants served by the company.

A counter-to-door GPX Direct service placed by the customer online at

How It Works
The distributor drops the product off at the Birmingham GPX counter. The GPX Support Center personally coordinates and tracks each shipment event until delivery is complete., through order cloning, allows the distributor to easily recreate regular shipments with a few clicks of the mouse, eliminating repetitive data entry. In addition, with auto-notification, the distributor automatically receives a delivery confirmation email complete with delivery time and consignee details.

The distributor has improved its service to outlying locations while keeping transportation costs and profitability in line.