Standard Service

Standard Service is the economical choice for non-time-critical shipments. Web Only – Buy Now is considered Standard service. Standard Service packages are shipped on a space-available basis.


All of our shipments travel under our coaches and share the cargo space with passenger luggage.
Based on capacity, the room can be a commodity. Standard Service shipments can potentially be deferred so that passenger luggage and Priority Service shipments may travel unimpeded. Standard service shipments do not always go out on the next bus, do not always stay on the same schedule, and in the case of multiple pieces, do not always travel together. 

Please see the below guidelines for estimated transit times by mileage.

These guidelines in no way constitute a guarantee.

Range In MilesEstimated Transit Time
0-125 miles2 Day
126-275 miles3 Days
276-500 miles4 Days
501-800 miles5 Days
801-1,175 miles 6 Days
1,176-1800 miles7 Days
1801-2400 miles 10 Days
2401+miles14 Days