Quick Quote Help

Step 1: Select Locations

In this first step, choose a drop-off location at any GPX center listed within the continental United States (sorry, no Hawaii or Alaska). You are also asked for a destination location for the package. Please do not use airport codes (“LAX”, “ORD”, etc.) or other shipping codes to identify city locations.

You will then be asked for general details about your shipment. This information is the first step toward providing you with the most accurate quote possible for your shipping needs.

Once you have completed this page, select “Continue” to proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Package Information

Next, you will be asked to confirm details about your shipment for the quote. You are asked to provide the weight for each package, the declared value, and the dimensions of the packages for the quote.

Service Type:

Non-Commercial Shipments

  • For shipments within approximately 650 miles of the drop-off point, individuals can choose from either Priority (guaranteed “Next Bus Out®“), or Standard (space-available) service.
  • Shipments with a distance of more than 650 miles from the drop-off point are priced for Standard service only.

Payment Method: Individual Shipments (Non-business customers)

  • All freight charges are paid in advance by the shipper either by commercial charge account, cash or credit card. Collect service is not available.

Once you have completed this page, select “Continue” to proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Shipment Information

At this step we will generate a quote based on the information you provided. Here’s a brief explanation of the categories listed:

  • “Carrier”: This is the abbreviation for the carrier that will begin your shipment. (“GLI” is the carrier code for Greyhound Lines, Inc.)
  • “Schedule”: This is the number assigned to the bus(es) on which your package will travel, much like a flight number on an airplane. Note: Schedule information applies to Priority service. Standard service is based on space availability and is not schedule specific.
  • “Departure”: The local time when the shipment departs.
  • “Arrival”: The local time when the shipment arrives.
  • “Total Time”: The elapsed time of the trip. (The elapsed time does not include pick-up and delivery service options.)

To submit another price quote, select “Get Another Quote.” For pickup and delivery availability for your shipment, choose our GPX “Daily Direct line of services” that include pick-up and delivery. (Daily Direct services can be arranged by calling one of our sales associates at 1-800-739-5020.)

GPX Direct is a business-to-business service. Residential service is currently not available. GPX Direct quotes are based on shipments requiring delivery Monday through Friday during normal business hours. Weekend, holiday, and after hour surcharges may apply. Weekend surcharges will apply to those services requiring weekend courier delivery. Call 1-800-739-5020 for surcharge information.